XO Spots

Give spots and blemishes some extra TLC
with a cover-up tactic that treats as it conceals.

Always set a concealed spot with finishing powder to help it last,
but avoid making a swirling motion with the brush, so as not to
sweep away the product you just applied.

Step 1

Use a concealer brush to “kiss” a few drops of repair serum onto the offending spot, blemish, or discoloration. This not only benefits the skin, but keeps concealer from looking cakey. Give it a few seconds to absorb.

Step 2

Use your concealer to mark the spot with an X. Circle it with a small O. With your fingertip, lightly tap the outer edges of the X and O until they “hug,” blending perfectly together.

Step 3

Set the concealer in place with finishing powder, gently pressing it onto the spot with a powder brush.