Highlight & Contour

A magic wand for sculpted cheekbones—your everyday
highlighting pen. This shading secret puts the “E” in “Easy.”

The key to a natural-looking bronze is to hit all the points where
the sun would naturally kiss your face: the top of your forehead,
bridge of your nose, and your jawline.

Step 1

First, create highlights. Use your brush-on illuminator to trace a backward “E” on one side of your face, starting above the brow at the inner corner. Glide the pen along the inside bridge of the nose to create the first arc of the “E” just below the eye. Then bring the line back in toward the base of the nose and out underneath cheeks to soften lines around the mouth. Blend well with fingertips.

Step 2

Next, create contours. Dust bronzer in a forward “E” from above the brow to the hairline, down along the temple, below cheekbones, and along the jawline.

Step 3

Repeat same steps on the opposite side of your face.