Eye Shapers

Almond Eyes: Daytime Cool

Estée Lauder has a 3 Minute Beauty technique to enhance every eye shape. Here, eyes are slightly upswept at the outer corners – one of the most versatile shapes of all. Not for you? Click here to try our Single Lids technique — or find your best look at the Estée Lauder Counter near you.

Step 1

Line upper lashline with eye liner pencil and smudge.

Step 2

Apply eyeshadow palette shade 1, from just above liner to underneath brow with blending brush.

Step 3

Layer eyeshadow shade 2 all over eye with the sculpting shadow brush—stop just above crease. Smudge eyeshadow shade 3 onto upper lashline using brush tip.

Step 4

Apply eye primer and mascara.